Corporate Partnership Program

Our Approach

Our Internship Program

At the heart of our mission, our internship program stands as a beacon of empowerment and opportunity, offering companies across South Africa the chance to meet their Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) requirements with a unique approach. Most of our interns are Deaf or HOH, and traditionally face multiple barriers to workforce entry.

By partnering with us and integrating our talented interns, we not only assist businesses in fulfilling their BBBEE obligations but also play a critical role in nurturing the industry’s future leaders and removing workplace barriers. This symbiotic relationship benefits companies by bringing in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, while interns gain invaluable experience and the opportunity to make a tangible impact in ICT fields.

Our Process

Our tried and tested process enables corporations to engage with disadvantaged communities in an impactful way through our unique approach. Our process is broken down over 4 steps; 

1. We partner with universities to identify talented students who may face difficulty entering the workplace due to a disability.

2. We dedicate our intern to a corporate partner for a tax deductible contribution, allowing our partners to contribute to their BBBEE and SED efforts.

3. We get interns ready for our partners by upskilling them and integrating them into their workplace and culture.

4. Having gained valuable experience working on projects and prototypes for our partners, our interns would be able to easily integrate into the workforce and use their new skills.

Value for Partners


Corporate sponsorships of our interns can significantly enhance your company’s BBBEE score, particularly in the areas of skills development and socio-economic development. By partnering with us, companies can achieve their BBBEE targets while making a tangible impact on individuals’ lives and the broader community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Engaging with Botlhale Village aligns with SED objectives by supporting digital literacy, job creation, and the empowerment of disabled individuals.

Partnerships with us demonstrate a company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the upliftment of underrepresented communities, which not only helps in fulfilling statutory requirements but also enhances the corporate image by demonstrating active involvement in community development and empowerment initiatives.