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At Botlhale Village, ICT will be exploited in innovative ways to provide benefits in areas where they impact on the community and bring about a transformation in their daily lives. this is the essential tenet for change in our country and around the world.

The Village is also an incubator for economic entities where research students engage with virtual companies. successful projects may lead to the creation of new, small and medium enterprises that add value to the knowledge gained and systems developed. this type of development leads to growth in the local economy and contributes to the improvement of the region in the spirit of ubuntu.

To facilitate the meeting of minds and growth of knowledge, research students will organise conferences to promote their results and development projects using the building’s exhibition centre and auditorium. meetings like these bring together academics, representatives from business and industry, government leaders and potential beneficiaries.

Processes we use at Botlhale Village to advance your business

Communication is the key driver of our service to the customer at Botlhale Village. Every stage is punctuated with forward and backward communication between the stakeholders involved in all processes

How it works! “Creative Process”

As aforementioned, communication lies at the heart of all the processes of project management, here at Botlhale, as we endeavour to bring the fastest and effective way of products management to you.


This is the initial stage of engagement between the stakeholders and the team It is where companies approach us with projects through problems or gaps that they deem are in need of our innovative ways to solve. At this stage the client company informs our team of experts of the vision for the product that they have that needs to be

Research and Brainstorming Ideas

Our team researches on, observes and creates tasks that they commit to accomplishing in a cycle of one-to-four weeks The research output is then used by the team as goal-targeted and achievable tasks

Planning and Design Thinking

This is the stage where the team sets to create and experiment with different ideas that could be functional in developing the product This happens before the actual development stage


At this inception stage, the team tests and experiment the ideas or developments The difference between this and the previous stage; i.e, the planning and design stage, is that the team puts the idea into action

Review and Assessment

It is essential to remember that communication is the key to this approach in order to accomplish timeous results. After the development stage is successful, the team assesses the product for any further development that is required, amendments or additions to be made before the finalised product.


As the tag suggests, this stage involves practical ways that are used, to put the product on a trial run before its inception to the users

Track and Monitor

Once the testing stage is satisfied, there is need for the developing team to monitor the product to ensure its success

Amend and Release

At this final stage, the product is ready for consumption by the users and is therefore ready for release.




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Botlhale Village is a place of knowledge creation and sharing to advance ICT and innovation in South Africa, Africa and further abroad as part of the ICT4Development initiative.


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